About- We are a Sports Training Academy that specializes in athletic development through Speed, Agility, and Functional Strength Training.

Mission- We give athletes the opportunity to experience #TheDifference. We teach them how to move efficiently. Every phase of speed, agility, and strength training is built around the Move Better concept.
The pursuit of excellence is a lifestyle!

Purpose- we want to impact our community by working with young men and women who have a desire to compete in sports. It is our goal to increase their athleticism to its full potential while engaging them in activities that challenge their character and integrity to make them better people and better leaders.



The body is built as a tool to move functionally and purposefully. The foundation of our training is to teach proper movement in running, jumping, change of direction, and functional lifting.


We tell our athletes that coordination is like a symphony getting together for the first time to play harmonizing music. There are so many parts that must come together led by a conductor. The human body has over 600 muscles that our brain must manage or conduct through a relay of signals for contraction and relaxation of muscles creating movement. Coordination is a process learned through repetitive movements that challenge efficiency in activity. Balance is increased as the body begins to understand which movements help counter momentum and gravity.


Most of the sports we play cause us to constantly react based on sight or sound. This is a great opportunity to increase field or court speed. Delayed response can really hurt performance. Plays are often made or not made based on inches. Sudden reactive movement can be an athletes greatest advantage. This training attacks the nervous system and increases focus.


the game is 90% mental! Training allows us to make split decision reactive movements and to be assertive in doing so. To be successful in sports and life we must have confidence. True confidence comes from being tested and knowing through experience where you are capable. We develop mental toughness and confidence in our athletes that allow them to compete at a higher level.


whether it’s running, jumping, or moving an object, we increase an athletes ability to go from a rested position to full speed. In strength training we want to see our athletes move weight faster. We look for BAR SPEED! Not just slow force strength.


We are not body builders. We don’t lift weight to increase physical appearance. We lift weights to increase physical and mental performance. Our younger athletes learn how lift their own body weight with proper mechanics. This foundational strength will help them in the future. We use kettle bells, med balls, and plyo boxes with our kids but the main emphasis is controlling your own body weight. As our athletes increase in age they learn proper olympic lifting mechanics through lighter barbell training. As their skill and strength increases so does the weight.


Linear speed is a great asset but most sports call us to engage in multidirectional movements that are not predetermined. Quickness is a combination of acceleration, agility, and reaction. Our mobility drills help us to increase all of these characteristics collectively increasing quickness.


We want to increase the lengthening of muscle strands while maintaining elasticity. Science proves that the athlete should participate in ballistic stretching or short term extension and release of muscle fibers to warm up the body. We do this through our Dynamic Warmup. Over stretched muscles will not fully contract at a rapid pace. That is why we static stretch post performance. At that time, the muscles are warm and we can apply 10-20 second holds.


when it comes to multi directional movement, foot placement and the ability to drop your hips for a lower center of gravity while allowing your feet get outside of your body to create body lean and momentum in a desired direction. We constantly teach through repetitive drills how to align the body to increase directional movements.


Speed can can be defined as distance covered over time. We want to increase how quickly we we move from right foot to left foot (turnover) while increasing the distance between steps (stride). In some cases we can shorten a persons stride which will increase their turnover allowing them to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. This person is an OVER-STRIDER. In other cases a person has great turnover but short choppy steps and needs to increase their stride length while maintaining the same rate of turnover which allows them to cover more ground in the same amount of time. This person is an UNDER-STRIDER.


Foot speed is increased through fast twitch development. We are looking for the foot to repetitively make contact with the ground but not to stay on the ground for a long time. Part of this has to do with the posture of the foot. We want a dorsiflex foot posture every time the foot comes off the ground ( toe up). An indicator of fast twitch movement is that a muscle is able to contract and relax suddenly at a high rate of speed. Our footwork drills engage the nervous system and increase foot speed.


It’s important for an athlete to be mobile. Not only to increase performance but also to prevent injury. We routinely go through training that opens up the bodies joints and stimulates full range movements. We identify areas that lack movement and work to create more mobile joints.